For too long, our country and our state have implemented tax policies that drastically favor our wealthiest citizens and corporations, while leaving less-fortunate Rhode Islanders behind. While politicians have given massive tax breaks to the rich, regular lower and middle-class Rhode Islanders have seen increases in local property taxes that squeeze small businesses and put people out of their homes, tuition hikes at our colleges and universities, funding cuts to critical programs that serve the most vulnerable among us, and crumbling roads and bridges.

These tax breaks for the rich were supposed to create jobs and stimulate the economy. It didn't work. It's time for the wealthy to pay their fair share. It's time to rebuild RI the RITE way.

The RITE News

March 12, 2013

Call to reverse 2010 tax breaks for R.I.'s rich

"Big tax cuts for the wealthy have proven to be one of the biggest policy failures in Rhode Island over the last decade and a half. "When something is broken for that long, it should be fixed! So went the rallying cry for a higher income tax rate for Rhode Island's top earners that rang out from the State House rotunda Tuesday as labor leaders... Read More