Who Are the Rhode Islanders for Tax Equity?

RITE is a coalition of citizens and organizations pushing for a progressive change to our state's tax structure. For too long, our country and our state have implemented tax policies that have drastically favored our wealthiest citizens and corporations, while leaving less-fortunate Rhode Islanders behind. From the Bush tax cuts to the flat tax to the glaring tax loopholes that let wealthy individuals and corporations avoid paying their fair share in taxes, we've catered to the rich for far too long. These tax breaks were supposed to create jobs, increase revenues and stimulate our economy. It didn't work. Unemployment is high, important services have been slashed and property taxes are disproportionately hurting lower and middle class Rhode Islanders.

RITE is advocating for a tax policy that will take the burden off of the middle class and ensure the most privileged Rhode Islanders are paying their fair share. This is additional revenue that could be used for lowering taxes on hard-working, middle class Rhode Islanders and restoring cuts to critical programs that help our most vulnerable citizens.

With this new revenue, we could properly fund cities and towns, which would lower your property taxes. We could restore the $24 million in funding that was cut from the programs that help our developmentally disabled citizens. We could use this money to lower tuitions at our state colleges and universities so that no willing and able Rhode Islander is denied at chance at a higher education. We could help fix our roads and bridges, and improve our infrastructure. We could use this money to stimulate the life blood of our economy–small businesses.

It's time to take our state back for the majority of Rhode Islanders who have been suffering at the expense of the privileged few. We tried it their way–and it didn't work. It's time to rebuild RI the RITE way.

RITE Members